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Empower your business
with intelligent automation

We create and implement AI Automation systems that help you and your team get more done in less time, and let you focus on higher value activities.

With seamless integration of software, generative AI and your data, our automation and AI assistant solutions will improve innovation, processes and execution at every level.

We have found that AI automation mostly delivers value in four core areas:

Customer Acquistion

Multichannel lead management and client acquisition processes such as appointment setting, qualification, nurture and follow up that maximise conversion rates and revenue from marketing activities.

Customer Experience

AI support for external customers and internal operations, to deliver a more seamless process and faster speed to resolution. Enhanced business efficiency combined with vastly improved experience for both customer and employee.

Process Automation

Automation of the time consuming processes that are necessary for businesses to function. Streamlined workflows help you and your team move faster while improved data insights inform more strategic decisions.

Content Marketing

Content strategy, ideation and generation. With the right prompting and other inputs, AI can help produce and repurpose amazing content that ranks and gets engagement for articles, blogs and social media.

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AI Solutions that deliver Real, Tangible Benefits

At Liquid Digital, we identify and fix bottlenecks with AI automation and enable you and your team to perform tasks better, eliminate wasted time and deliver excellent service to your customers.

We develop AI driven systems to automate and optimize processes, maximize ROI and let you focus on actually running and growing your business.

Use AI to:
Increase productivity
Optimize processes
Solve real problems

Why AI Automation?

Custom Solutions Built Around You

Don’t be held back by the limitations of "ChatGPT wrappers" or generic one-size fits all software.

The best solutions need to understand and align with your specific processes and evolve, adapt and grow with your business, providing increasing value over time.

Both Immediate and Long Term ROI

A short development cycle means improvements in efficiency almost instantly by automating repetitive tasks and shifting focus to higher value activities.

Enhanced data insights shared across departments encourage collaboration and inform better strategic decisions and long-term growth.

Fast and Efficient Solutions

Using low and no code solutions simplifies and accelerates digital transformation. We can quickly prototype, test and deploy robust AI solutions without the extended timelines and high cost associated with traditional coding.

Low code allows us to deliver enterprise level solutions to startups and small businesses with pricing that is viable.

AI Improves Human Performance

AI adoption is not about replacing humans. It is about supporting humans and helping them do more. Implementing AI automation will help you and your team move faster, solve real challenges and perform tasks more accurately.

Essentially, AI has the potential to make every employee far more valuable to the business.

Better Customer Experience

Meet and exceed rising customer expectations by providing personalized experiences, instant support, and intelligent interactions.

By delegating work to AI via systems, you will be able to provide the best possible service to your clients and customers. AI supports the human element of service where and when it matters most.

Automate Existing Processes

AI transformation doesn't need to mean massive upheaval and change. Intelligently automate and integrate the processes and tools that you are familiar with and are already proven to work.

We use tools like Make or Zapier to let your apps share data and work together more efficiently with the added power of AI.

"There will be two kinds of companies at the end of this decade: those that are fully utilizing AI, and those that are out of business." - Dr. Peter Diamandis, entrepreneur, engineer, and pioneer in the field of innovation and commercial spaceflight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide AI automation solutions that are tailor made to fit your specific business needs. The flexibility of our AI solutions means that almost any business could benefit from utilizing AI in their workflows to increase efficiency, speed and reduce costs.

The Liquid Digital began to offer AI services in early 2023, but we have been in the digital marketing space for over 10 years, evolving to use AI and automation systems over the last few years as part of our marketing services. 

We have experienced first hand the huge impact that AI automation has had on productivity, speed and overall quality of the work we are able to deliver as a marketing agency.

This led to taking a new direction in our service offering, so that we can help bring the benefits of AI Automation that go far beyond marketing.

We are a service provider specializing in crafting tailor-made AI solutions and custom software for our clients. In collaboration with partners such as Bubble, Make, and Open AI, we design AI automation systems to deliver optimal results for our clients.

Very. We work with you to ensure a smooth implementation of our AI automation systems.

Yes, where it makes sense to we create our automations to integrate with clients’ existing systems or platforms. Our systems can natively connect with over 6,000 platforms, or via API, so it is unlikely we cannot integrate with what you’re already using.

Yes, we are always open to helping AI novices explore the world of AI. We never gatekeep knowledge – we want you to fully understand the technology we build for you, so you can gain maximum benefit from it.


*We are fully commited to the security of private data and to the ethical and responsible use of AI.